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Marsha Hughes-Rease is a leadership coach and organization effectiveness consultant. As a leadership coach, Marsha works with executives, senior leaders, and leadership teams to unleash the potential in the organization by optimizing their leadership style, influencing strategies, and evidence-based management practices. As an organization effectiveness consultant, she helps organizations address their challenges adapting to change, make tough choices, and develop sustainable solutions. When partnering with her clients, she uses an intentional and systems-thinking approach to facilitate the “discovery” of organizational best practices and positive deviances that can result in higher performance and desired results. She works with leaders to enable the organization to discover the wisdom they already have and then act on it. Marsha has extensive experience working in health care, higher education, government, non-profit, and multinational organizations.

Some of her clients include the American Nurses Association, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Betaseed, Corning, HBCU Library Alliance, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Louisiana State University, Children’s National Medical Center, Plansee Group, U.S Navy, and World Vision. She has co-authored several articles, designed and presented webinars, and spoken at both national and international conferences. Marsha has a graduate degree in Organization Development, a graduate certificate in group facilitation from Johns Hopkins University, a graduate degree in Nursing Administration from George Mason University, and a graduate certificate in coaching from Fielding Graduate University. Marsha is also certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).     

Email: Marsha Hughes-Rease


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