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Leadership Coaching Top

Leadership CoachingQuo Vadis Coaching and Consulting recognizes that effective leadership is a key driver for achieving organizational effectiveness and leadership coaching can positively contribute to a leader’s impact. Quo Vadis defines leadership coaching as a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires leaders to maximize their personal and professional potential in order to achieve higher performing organizations. We use an integrated coaching model of feedback, support, and challenge to increase the leader’s effectiveness.

Quo Vadis is aware that our clients are embedded in a larger system, and we recognize the complex relationship between the client and the larger organizational system. During coaching, our clients learn to navigate this complexity by recognizing opportunities for learning and growth which include:     

  • Using feedback to increase readiness to change, including a willingness to invest time and energy for self-development
  • Identifying strengths as well capabilities, behaviors, and skills needed for current or aspirational leadership role
  • Acknowledging and changing behaviors or thinking habits that get in the way of being an adaptive leader who can effectively achieve business results
Where are you going?

In other words, we help clients increase their capabilities to do what is required in their position, build stamina and discipline to lead “when the going gets tough,” and build a support system that helps break down the barriers to their life-long development as a leader. Quo Vadis has coached executives and senior leaders living in the US and aboard including high potentials, managers transitioning to higher levels of responsibility and leadership, and senior leadership teams.

Strategic Planning Top

Quo Vadis Coaching and Consulting defines strategic planning as a disciplined effort to identify crucial challenges and issues, make priority decisions, and identify strategic actions that guide what organizational leaders will do, why they will do it, and how they will do it. Our strategic-planning approach emphasizes strategic thinking and action as well as learning and measurable results. We work with our clients to:

  • initiate and agree on a strategic planning process
  • clarify organizational purpose and values
  • assess the organization’s external and internal environment
  • identify and prioritize strategic issues
  • develop a strategic action map focused on measurable results
  • identify adaptive and technical challenges that act as barriers to change

Strategic Planning

Team Development and Coaching Top

Quo Vadis Coaching and Consulting recognizes that teams can outperform individuals when organizations need to tap into their collective intelligence and creativity to solve complex or really “messy-wicked” problems. However, we also appreciate that in order to have a positive impact within the organization, team members must be able to work effectively together. High performing teams pay attention to both the task and maintenance processes of the team. Quo Vadis works with teams to identify and address challenges that may be getting in the way and thus inhibiting the accomplishment of value-added results. Quo Vadis helps teams improve their group processes over the long term while addressing substantive issues that support the organization’s goals. Our approach uses expert facilitation and knowledge of functional team development to enhance interpersonal communication and divergent-convergent thinking to create a team environment for:

  • creative problem solving and solution finding
  • effective decision-making
  • constructive conflict management
  • generating innovative ideas Team Development

Change Implementation and Transition Management Top

Quo Vadis Coaching and Consulting collaborates with leaders at all organizational levels to lead change. However, we recognize that a crucial aspect of leading change is transition management….the “getting to where you want to be.” William Bridges (2002) points out that change is external (the different policy, practice, or structure that the leader is trying to bring about), while transition is internal (a psychological reorientation that people have to go through before change can work). Integrating various conceptual models for change, we use a capability building and developmental approach that helps leaders and organizational members implement change while managing transition.

Change Implementation

Group Facilitation Top

Quo Vadis Coaching and Consulting provides both basic and developmental facilitation for groups. Basic facilitation temporarily uses a facilitator to help the group work together to accomplish its goals. Developmental facilitation uses a facilitator to help the group work together to accomplish its goals as well as enhance each group member’s ability to work more effectively over time. Quo Vadis integrates knowledge of group dynamics, expert facilitation strategies, and meeting design experience to effectively combine different perspectives to solve problems, find solutions, and make good decisions.

Group Facilitation



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